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2019-20 Cheltenham School Tax Counterpoint Slides


For Eight Years your Podmaster has been irradiated with school district budget slide presentations. This year, we present our 2019-20 Cheltenham School Tax Counterpoint to those slides. Click on the icon below to view the PDF.

2019-20 Cheltenham School Tax Counterpoint Slides

2019-05-132019-20 Cheltenham School Tax Counterpoint Slides

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2019-05-132019-20 Cheltenham School Tax Infographic

Cheltenham School Tax Infographic for 2018-19

Our annual School Tax Infographic

Every year Social Security recipients receive a cost of living adjustment (COLA). The compounded increase of Social Security COLA from 2006 to 2018 is 26.9% while Cheltenham School Tax has increased 53.7% over the same interval.

2018-04-14Cheltenham School Tax Infographic 2018-19 Sources

DateWeb Link
2018-04-14PDF Version of the Cheltenham School Tax Infographic for 2018-19
2018-04-14March 2018 CSD Financial Committee Meeting (captured on 3/17/2018)
2018-04-14Social Security Fast Facts 2017
2018-04-14Social Security press release 10-2017-1
2018-04-14Property Tax Relief
2018-04-14Act 1 Index 2006-2018
2018-04-14CSD Historic Tax Increase Data
2018-04-14Social Security COLA data
2018-04-14Statement: Your Weekly Benefit Rate should equal about one-half of your full-time weekly wage
2018-04-14Photos from Harrisburg, PA 2013 Property Tax Independance Act Event

2017-18 Cheltenham School Tax Infographic

2017-18 Tax Infographic

Our annual tax infographic is designed to correct the misleading announcement by the district of the annual Cheltenham school tax increase which is usually stated in the incremental figure of the increase and not in the full amount.

2017-06-172017-18 Tax Infographic Sources

DateWeb Link
2017-06-17Social Security Fast Facts for 2016
2017-06-17US Census Bureau 2015 ACS Income Data for Philadelphia Metro Region
2017-06-17 PA Department of Labor and Industry